Hello, Logo!

The Old…

It’s hard to believe, but Wyngraf has been in the world for over a year now. During that time, we’ve had two logos (if you can call them that). Our name written in a cool Tolkien-esque typeface:

And a little letter W which showed up as our social media avatar:

We have a lot of love for these logos, and got some good use out of them, but it was time to level up. So we engaged the amazing (and very patient) Rick Byrne to design something new for us, something that would really capture the spirit of cozy fantasy.

Instead, Rick gave us three new logos!

The New!

Right off the bat, he massaged our wordmark to be more elegant, take up less real estate on our magazine covers, and have a little nook where text can nestle. In other words, it’s the same, but better. Check it out:

Then he set to work on a graphic logo that would represent our mission of bringing cozy fantasy fiction to the world. After some long conversations, plenty of deep thought, and a little advice from trusted friends, Rick came up with something truly joyful—and here it is!

We’ve already redesigned our magazines to display this logo, and you’ll start seeing it elsewhere as well (like at the top of this website). Now, the pedants among you might take this opportunity to object that the logo shows a book, not a magazine. To that, all we’ll say is we have more secret projects in the works…

We also wound up loving the little tree icon so much that we asked Rick if we could use it on its own, too. It’s good for tight spots like book spines where the more complex tree-and-book won’t shrink down well, and you’ll see it replace that old W as our favicon and social media icon.

So there you have it! This is only the beginning of a much larger project to expand just what Wyngraf means. Our upcoming Romance Special is part of that, too, and there’s lots more in the works, so keep an eye out. But for now, we’ll close with a huge thank you to Rick Byrne for his creativity and dedication to bringing our cozy vision to life.

Check out more of his work—and hire him for your own rebranding—at Behance and his website. You can even see his entire design process for our logo!

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