Issue 1 Is Here!

The long wait is over and Wyngraf is here! Our inaugural issue features nine all-new stories of cozy fantasy wrapped in a beautiful cover. Learn more here or buy Wyngraf #1 now in ebook and paperback!

Wyngraf Goes Global!

When the first issue of Wyngraf debuted May 1st, it was only listed on Amazon’s US, Canadian, and Mexican sites. Why? Well, we only bought First North American Serial Rights from our authors. We didn’t have the right to publish outside North America. What we didn’t anticipate was the interest in cozy fantasy all around … More Wyngraf Goes Global!

Podcast Alert: Talking Cozy on So I’m Writing a Novel

The latest episode of the wonderful So I’m Writing a Novel… podcast features Wyngraf EiC Nathaniel Webb diving into the nitty-gritty of starting a fiction magazine. He and host Oliver Brackenbury also discuss what cozy fantasy is and where it’s going, how Nathaniel got into cozy, why he started Wyngraf, what he learned from the … More Podcast Alert: Talking Cozy on So I’m Writing a Novel

Brick Mouse

On Saturday we attended a LEGO expo. Among all the famous buildings and awesome rockets, we discovered builder Paul Hetherington’s tribute to a very cozy tabletop RPG! You can see many much nicer pics at Paul’s website.