Bard City Blues

Music, magic, mystery, kissing, drinking, family, and a gelatinous cube.

Gally Chaparral is a highland girl with a dream: move to Lackmore, join the Bardic Guild, and get a gig at a fancy tavern on Symphony Hill.

Unfortunately, becoming a bard isn’t so easy. None of the good taverns will hire a non-Guild musician, her teacher is a jerk, and worst of all, the only job she can find is washing dishes at a bar that seems to have recently been a dungeon.

When Alix, a beautiful but obnoxious postal rider, tricks Gally into auditioning as her tavern’s new bard, things start looking up. But Gally’s first show is a disaster, and she’s only saved when a fight breaks out and the owner accuses Alix of destroying a valuable painting.

Now, to keep the gig, Gally must prove Alix’s innocence. But there’s more to the mystery than the loss of a painting, and being forced to work with Alix has Gally wondering if this brassy delivery girl is really as bad as she seems…

What is Bard City Blues?

Late last year, we announced that our editor, Nathaniel Webb, was working on a cozy fantasy novel. Set in the same world as his Old Humblefoot mystery stories, Bard City Blues is a cozy fantasy full of romance and mystery, perfect for fans of Legends & Lattes, Can’t Spell Treason Without Tea, and A Wizard’s Guide to Defensive Baking.

Wyngraf is proud to publish Bard City Blues as our first step into formats other than short fiction.

The Kickstarter Campaign

Bard City Blues is also our first foray into crowdfunding. Rather than release the book into the wilds and earn back its budget over months, we’re trying a new approach, with a Kickstarter campaign launching May 2nd!

A Cozy Little Paperback

We here at Wyngraf adore mass-market paperbacks, the pocket-sized books that fit perfectly in your hand, but Amazon won’t print them. So, as we take our first step outside the Amazon empire, what better way to celebrate than by making that dream a reality?

Our campaign will fund a print run of Bard City Blues at mass-market trim size (4.25″ x 6.87″), printed by Walch Printing of South Portland, Maine, ten minutes from our editor’s house. This edition will not be available online!

Made by Human Hands

Bard City Blues is made with heart by creators who love fantasy.

  • Hand-painted watercolor cover by fantasy artist Cris Puga
  • Fourteen interior illustrations, also by Cris, drawn in pen and ink
  • Interior custom-designed for a vintage paperback look and feel
  • Stretch goals fund a map, more art, and more stories

Exclusively Yours

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Kickstarter campaign without tons of deals, bonus content, and other exclusives…

  • Bard City Blues won’t be available anywhere online until the Kickstarter campaign ships its final reward
  • The campaign will offer exclusive bundles jam-packed with cozy fantasy goodness
  • Campaign-exclusive bonus content, including stretch goals, won’t appear in future editions
  • The mass-market paperback edition will never be available online

Cover art by Cris Puga. Xolgoth art by tinypaca.