The Old Humblefoot Mysteries

Old Humblefoot lived quite an adventuresome life before his retirement. A broken sword, an orcish war banner, even a shirt of gleaming mithril—all these trophies and more hang in his dining room. So it’s no wonder that when things go wrong in the quiet little halfling community of the Reeve, people knock on Old Humblefoot’s door.

Wyngraf editor Nathaniel Webb’s Old Humblefoot stories began with an idea: a grumpy old halfling sleuth who solves small-time mysteries in his cozy community. They launched on Kindle Vella, Amazon’s serial fiction platform, where they were (at one point) the #1 cozy fantasy and #1 cozy mystery!

The original Kindle Vella icon – art by Sâmara Lígia

Now the first three Old Humblefoot stories are available in eBook format—free! The collection Three from the Reeve includes “The Incident of the Prize Pumpkin” and “The Incident of the Bag of Carrots,” both originally published on Vella, plus the brand-new story “The Incident of the Magic Ring.” All you have to do to snag the stories is sign up for the Wyngraf mailing list. (If you’re already signed up, you can still grab them!)