The Old Humblefoot Mysteries

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Old Humblefoot lived quite an adventuresome life before his retirement. A broken sword, an orcish war banner, even a shirt of gleaming mithril—all these trophies and more hang in his dining room. So it’s no wonder that when things go wrong in the quiet little halfling community of the Reeve, people knock on Old Humblefoot’s door.

The original Kindle Vella icon – art by Sâmara Lígia

Written by Wyngraf editor Nathaniel Webb, the Old Humblefoot Mysteries originally appeared on Kindle Vella, where they were at one point the #1 cozy fantasy and #1 cozy mystery. “The Incident of the Prize Pumpkin,” the story that introduced the crotchety halfling retiree Old Humblefoot and his hapless assistant Wilf, won a Silver Honorable Mention from the Writers of the Future Contest.

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