Cozy Reads

Looking for something new to read? (You’re all caught up on Wyngraf, right?) Check out this list of cozy fantasy novels, novellas, and serialized stories, focused on recent releases and indie authors.

⭐️ indicates authors who have also been published by Wyngraf!

🕰 indicates books that have not yet been released.

Note: We’ve assembled this list mostly based on self-reporting, that is, by putting the word out in the community for cozy fantasy readers to suggest their favorites and authors to let us know about their books. We aren’t able to read every one of these, much as we’d love to, so we operate on the honor system that everything below is actually both cozy and fantasy. Every book contains a different amount of darkness (and, for romance, spiciness) so be sure to read the description!

Another Note: The Amazon links are Associate links, meaning if you buy a book after using one of them, we get a small cut of the purchase price. The amount you pay doesn’t change. If you prefer not to shop on Amazon, you can find many of these books on other sites, though print-on-demand or Kindle Select titles might not be available elsewhere. All money raised this way goes to Wyngraf‘s budget.



Magazines and Collections

Short Stories and Novellas

Graphic Novels

Appendix C

Here are some books from our Appendix C post that didn’t move to the list above. This is a wholly arbitrary selection of classics, forgotten classics, and other assorted oddments from cozy fantasy history.