Free Stories for Wyngraf Readers!

Here at Wyngraf HQ, we’re always brainstorming new ways to get cozy fantasy into your hands. Last year we ran a weekly flash fiction series and gave away the Old Humblefoot Mysteries to mailing list subscribers. This year… well, we’ve got something new coming soon!

The good news is, all our free stuff is staying free, including the mailing list giveaways. Check out the list below and enjoy!

Free Flash Fiction

We’ve run over forty flash fiction pieces on our website, including from authors like Jonathan Olfert, L Chan, Ziggy Schutz, and Hugo winner Cora Buhlert. All of them are free to read—check out the archive!

Mailing List Giveaways

There’s no better way to keep up with Wyngraf than our mailing list. Even better, signing up gets you loads of free stories!

Click the big red buttons to sign up for the mailing list and get your free stories. If you’re already a member, simply enter your email address to download the ebooks.

The Bolliver Hoopsleeve Adventures

Austin Scarberry’s hapless gnome hero, star of Wyngraf #2’s “Hoopsleeve Family Values,” returns in a monthly serial exclusively for mailing list members! Learn more or start reading these free cozy fantasy adventures now.

The Old Humblefoot Mysteries

These award-winning cozy fantasy mysteries by Wyngraf editor Nathaniel Webb originally appeared on Kindle Vella. Now they’re only available to mailing list members! Learn more or click the button…