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Wyngraf is a magazine of cozy fantasy.

Wyngraf was founded to promote and encourage fantasy stories that focus on the little things: friends, family, home, travel. Our authors create worlds that readers get lost in… and dream of someday visiting.

We believe in the power of escapism. Genre fiction can and should be used to address injustice, give voice to the voiceless, and stir up change. There is also, however, a space for fiction to comfort us and bring us a momentary respite from the challenges of the everyday world. Wyngraf, conceived and founded during the Covid-19 pandemic, aims to be such a space.

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Great, but what does “wyngraf” mean?

For the language of the hobbits, J.R.R. Tolkien drew inspiration from Old English (aka Anglo-Saxon) to create such wonderful words as “smial” and “mathom.” We returned to the same source.

Wyngrāf is an Old English compound word that means “wondrous grove.” Learn more about the name here.


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