Cozy Flash: “The Witch Box”

Esteemed banker, elder, elf, Tobias Everly, hired me to steal the thing. I’d worked for undesirables before, but elder Everly was managing accountant and proprietor of Lordling and Abbot’s Stronghold and Savings. He was a businessman and upstanding gentleman dandy up front—long silver hair, blue eyes, amicable smile to melt the pantaloons off any noble … More Cozy Flash: “The Witch Box”

Cozy Flash: “Elizabeth and the Egg-Laying Rooster”

The swordsman said, “Fetch me the rooster.” And his daughter obeyed. Elizabeth left the castle quickly and crossed the street in her search. She knew which rooster he meant—the great, black rooster, almost as large as she was, with one eye green and the other gray, that lived in the house on Tumble Hill on … More Cozy Flash: “Elizabeth and the Egg-Laying Rooster”