Artist Spotlight: Samiligia

Got a fantasy artist who deserves some attention? Let us know in the comments!

Brazilian artist Samiligia is no stranger to cozy. As one half of the art studio Firulas Ilustra, Samiligia’s distinctive cut-paper style brings warmth and depth to her fantasy illustrations.

Deftly mixing the modern and the medieval and always finding the humanity in her subjects, Samiligia nudges the boundaries of fantasy ever outwards.

It would be all too easy to drown this post in art. Instead, we’ll just show off one more piece that’s special to us here at Wyngraf. We originally discovered Samiligia when she created the icon for EiC Nathaniel Webb’s Old Humblefoot Mysteries. She captured the series’ crotchety halfling sleuth perfectly…

…so it’s no wonder that when it was time to find a cover artist for the inaugural issue of Wyngraf, we knocked on Samiligia’s door!

That’s right—issue #1 will proudly feature an original cover from Firulas Ilustra. And if you’re curious what it’ll look like, just be patient…

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