Press Release: Issue #1 Cozy Contents!

Wyngraf Announces Cozy First Issue

Wyngraf, a new magazine of cozy fantasy fiction, has released the story lineup for its inaugural issue.

Cozy fantasy is having a moment. Readers are curling up with tales of community and family, featuring lush settings and low stakes. Into this growing movement comes Wyngraf, a magazine dedicated to cozy fantasy in all its forms. With the carefully curated selection of tales in its first issue, Wyngraf gives cozy fans what they’re looking for, welcomes curious new readers, and helps define the genre itself.

I’m thrilled to showcase the range of cozy fantasy in the first issue of Wyngraf. From old pros to rising stars, our writers are as diverse as their stories—the one thing they have in common is talent!

Nathaniel Webb, Wyngraf Editor-in-Chief
The Wyngraf wordmark

The table of contents for Wyngraf #1 is…

  • “The Perils of Living with Your Human” by Nathan Slemp, which won a Silver Honorable Mention in the Writers of the Future Contest
    • Carath wants to smooth things over between his rider and her sister, but can a dragon understand human families?
  • “The Road to Fjallmark” by Natasha Inwood
    • When a terrible blizzard hits the mountains, Scholar Neea and her apprentice Pim put their lives in strange hands.
  • “What We Buried” by J. A. Prentice, who wrote the Doctor Who audio drama “The Undying Truth” from Big Finish Productions
    • How can Ash save a dwarven kingdom when he can’t even cast a basic spell—or accept his own father’s death?
  • “Your Own Beeswax” by Dan Crawford, author of the Cat and Mouse trilogy and dozens of short stories in markets like Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine and Dragon
    • Everyone wants the Vanagh’s treasure except Polijn the minstrel, but things aren’t what they seem in the Sacred Grove.
  • “Weaving Serenity” by Amanda Cook, whose novel When We Were Forgotten won a Bronze Independent Publisher Book Award in 2018
    • The queen needs Calmers, but Eloise of Leafside is retired. Of course, her teenage daughter isn’t…
  • “Vigil” by Nathaniel Webb
    • For Cadet Messenger Faining Mores, taking a job at the end of the world requires leaving home and friendship behind—but refusing means abandoning the career she loves.
  • “Dragonsmith” by Angelica Fiori
    • Garrett the blacksmith wants to revive his family’s traditions. But smithing isn’t so simple when there’s magic involved!
  • “A Petrified Heart” by Katherine Quevedo, a Pushcart Prize and Rhysling Award nominee whose work has appeared in multiple volumes of Best Indie Speculative Fiction
    • When wood fairy Raya accidentally offends the cruel queen of the seashore, she begins a quest that will change her and her people forever.
  • “Epilogue” by Rajiv Moté
    • Historian Sajun hasn’t seen the sorceress Tankrit since the War for the Light ended twenty years ago. Do bonds forged in battle last, or is the magic gone?

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