Now Open to Cozy Flash and Microfiction!

How’s this for an experiment: you send us cozy fantasy flash and microfiction. We buy our favorites at our current fiction rate of $0.01 (one cent US) per word. We publish one or more pieces online every Friday, free for everyone to read.

Cool? Cool!

Here are the rules:

  1. Stories must be 1,001 words or fewer. There is no minimum word count.
  2. Stories should follow our regular submission guidelines, particularly what we mean by cozy fantasy. We’re seeing a lot of flash submissions that don’t meet our guidelines.

Here are a few special rules just for flash fiction:

  1. The email subject line should say FLASH instead of SUBMISSION.
  2. Feel free to include the story in the body of your email if you want. (Attachments are also fine.)
  3. For obvious reasons, we’ll be more flexible with our definition of conflict.
  4. Submissions will be accepted at any time. (We may change this if we get swamped!)
  5. Please, no more than one submission per month.
  6. We make no presumption of exclusivity with flash fiction we buy, but we do ask that you not submit reprints.

For an example, see the story that kicked us off, “The Cat and the Conerian” by Frederick Sheilira.

Stay cozy!

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