Preorder Issue 1 Now!

The very first issue of Wyngraf is now available for digital preorder on Amazon! Preorder now and the magazine will be delivered to your Kindle when it releases on May 1.

Note: preorders are for the ebook only. Print and ebook release together on May 1, but unfortunately, it’s not possible to preorder print copies. If you’re a paper reader, bookmark the page and head there on release day to snag your copy!

  • “The Perils of Living with Your Human” by Nathan Slemp. Carath wants to smooth things over between his rider and her sister, but can a dragon understand human families?
  • “The Road to Fjallmark” by Natasha Inwood. When a terrible blizzard hits the mountains, Scholar Neea and her apprentice Pim put their lives in strange hands.
  • “What We Buried” by J. A. Prentice. How can Ash save a dwarven kingdom when he can’t even cast a basic spell—or accept his own father’s death?
  • “Your Own Beeswax” by Dan Crawford. Everyone wants the Vanagh’s treasure except Polijn the minstrel, but things aren’t what they seem in the Sacred Grove.
  • “Weaving Serenity” by Amanda Cook. The queen needs Calmers, but Eloise of Leafside is retired. Of course, her teenage daughter isn’t…
  • “Vigil” by Nathaniel Webb. For Cadet Messenger Faining Mores, taking a job at the end of the world requires leaving home and friendship behind—but refusing means abandoning the career she loves.
  • “Dragonsmith” by Angelica Fiori. Garrett the blacksmith wants to revive his family’s traditions. But smithing isn’t so simple when there’s magic involved!
  • “A Petrified Heart” by Katherine Quevedo. When wood fairy Raya accidentally offends the cruel queen of the seashore, she begins a quest that will change her and her people forever.
  • “Epilogue” by Rajiv Moté. Historian Sajun hasn’t seen the sorceress Tankrit since the War for the Light ended twenty years ago. Do bonds forged in battle last, or is the magic gone?

5 thoughts on “Preorder Issue 1 Now!

  1. Congratulations on your launch! Any chance you’ll consider adding the magazine on Kobo for your international audience?


    1. Hey, thanks for asking! Unfortunately, our contract with our authors is only for North American rights, so we can only list the magazine in America, Canada, and Mexico.


  2. Reblogged this on A. Cook's Books and commented:
    I’m really excited to share that Wyngraf Issue#1 is now available for pre-order. And one of my stories will be featured in this magazine’s debut issue! I’m deeply honored and love this story found a home. It was rejected so many times in the last few years before it landed with Wyngraf, and I think this is the perfect venue for these characters I love so much. Please take some time and show Wyngraf some love, if you can!

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