Announcing Rakehell, a magazine of swashbuckling action!

With Wyngraf #1 ready to launch, we can now announce our new sibling publication: Rakehell, a magazine of flashing blades and biting wit! The team that brings you the coziest fantasy around is branching out into swashbuckling tales of rogues, scoundrels, pirates, duelists, and airship captains.

First issue submissions open May 8th, with an expected publication date in late summer.

Check it out!

2 thoughts on “Announcing Rakehell, a magazine of swashbuckling action!

  1. This is exciting! I love the older pulp adventure stories, but most of what I’m familiar with are stories in the vein of Robert E. Howard’s Conan. Those do seem to have a bit of a darker, serious feel to them though. Is Rakehell more focused on lighthearted adventure, or will it include some of that sword and sorcery style, similar to what might be found in Heroic Fantasy Quarterly? Either way, I’m looking forward to checking out some great new stories!

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    1. I love REH, but there are some great sword & sorcery mags out there already! Rakehell will focus more on lighthearted adventure, though that doesn’t exclude S&S—a number of the classic Fafhrd and Gray Mouser stories would fit right in!

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