Cozy Li’l Nebulae

Our intrepid EiC Nathaniel Webb recently became a member of the SFWA (Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers’ Association, the professional association for SFF authors).

One of the benefits of membership is voting in the Nebula Awards, and one of the benefits of that is getting free copies of some of the books and stories nominated for the Nebulas.

Working through the list, we discovered a couple cozy tales worth calling out: Becky Chambers’ novella A Psalm for the Wild-Built and new cozy TTRPG hotness Wanderhome!

There’s a lot of reading to go before he votes, but for short story Nathaniel is leaning towards “Where Oaken Hearts Do Gather” by Sarah Pinsker. It’s more spooky than cozy, but it’s hard to say no to a story written in the form of user comments on the wiki page of an imaginary folk ballad.

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