We Did It! Wyngraf #1 Breaks Even

July 27th was a momentous day for cozy fantasy, and Wyngraf in particular. Yesterday, someone in the United Kingdom bought a paperback edition of Wyngraf #1, marking our 136th copy sold and officially putting us over the line of our initial budget of $682.14.

As we discussed in our numbers post, we wound up paying an idiot tax of $160 to secure international rights to the stories in our first issue. That extra cost isn’t included here. Lesson learned, though—and it was worth it, considering an international sale put us over the top.

This is a huge milestone for us, especially as it comes just days before we open submissions for our second issue. We can go into the next volume knowing there’s an audience for cozy fantasy out there.

To everyone who’s bought a copy of Wyngraf #1; read it on Kindle Unlimited; borrowed it from a friend; left a review on Amazon, Goodreads, YouTube, Reddit, your blog, or anywhere else; Tweeted about us; or done anything else to support cozy fantasy fiction:

thank you!

And stay cozy!

— Nathaniel Webb and the Wyngraf team

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