Announcing the Issue 2 Lineup!

The acceptances have been accepted and contracts have gone out, so it’s our immense pleasure to announce the stories that will appear in the second issue Wyngraf: The Magazine of Cozy Fantasy!

Watch this space for more information about our amazing cozy tales and authors.

Here, in no particular order, are ten warm tales of forthcoming fantasy…

  • Adam McPhee: “The Hippogriff”
  • LM Zaerr: “Cherries in December”
  • Lawrence Harding: “Ghosts of the Gatekeeper’s Past”
  • Robert Harpold: “In the Court of the Litigious Elves”
  • Koji A. Dae: “Rules for Ravelry”
  • Jonathan Olfert: “The Ivory Eagle”
  • Angelica Fiori: “Desert Dreams”
  • George Jacobs: “Emergency Delivery”
  • Austin Scarberry: “Hoopsleeve Family Values”
  • Matthew Cote: “A Murder of Heroes”

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