Issue 2 Preorders Open!

It’s here! eBook preorders for issue 2 of Wyngraf are open now. Secure yours now before a prince undergoing his coming-of-age ritual steals them all from our nest! (Or scroll down to learn about the stories tucked inside our amazing cover…)

Wyngraf #2 arrives October 1st in eBook and paperback. If you’re a paper reader, hang in there—Amazon doesn’t allow print preorders, so check back here, our Twitter feed, or our mailing list for a reminder when the print edition goes live!

  • “Desert Dreams” by Angelica Fiori. Marri’s family of airship traders blows through desert towns. What will she do when one needs her help?
  • “The Hippogriff” by Adam McPhee. Prince Isidore has finally come of age. Can he prove himself to his father by capturing a hippogriff egg? What will happen if he succeeds?
  • “Cherries in December” by LM Zaerr. Apprentice trover Maddy Makejoy just wants to impress her employer, but the dark secret of her magic sets her on a new path.
  • “Ghosts of the Gatekeeper’s Past” by Lawrence Harding. Brother Odran strives to atone for a life of violence, but his past won’t leave him alone.
  • “In the Court of the Litigious Elves” by Robert E. Harpold. Cal is a terrible cook—and his adventuring party’s only hope against the elven legal system.
  • “A Murder of Heroes” by Matthew Cote. Every so often, a band of heroes sets out to slay the harmless dragon Blackwing. This time they might have succeeded…
  • “Hoopsleeve Family Values” by Austin Scarberry. Aerial fencer Bolliver Hoopsleeve might be foolish, impulsive, and easily confused, but he also has his drawbacks.
  • “Rules for Ravelry” by Koji A. Dae. Maria has spent her life knitting magic garments for the royal family of Etar. Will she condemn a young dancer to the same fate?
  • “Emergency Delivery” by George Jacobs. When an urgent request for medicine arrives at the wizard’s tower, only apprentice Terren and her faithful sheep are there to answer!
  • “The Ivory Eagle” by Jonathan Olfert. Kerredi needs a boat so he and his grandfather can make a living, but the annual trade meet is nearly over…

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