Announcing the Issue 3 Lineup!

Following an incredible submissions round—during which we received more than twice as many stories as last time and two-time Wyngraf author A.E. Fiori stepped up to help read the slush pile—we’re very proud to reveal the incredible table of contents for our third issue!

Wyngraf #3 truly captures cozy fantasy as it stands today: a genre on the rise, embracing and amalgamating elements of adventure, romance, humor, mystery, and more into its own unique alchemy. These ten remarkable stories overflow with love, joy, and most of all, the unquenchable flame of home and community that burns at the heart of cozy fantasy.

Without further delay, your table of contents for Wyngraf #3:

  • “The Rose Quarter” by Samantha Rich
  • “The Third Spell” by Rachel Friedman
  • “The Founders’ Homesteaders” by Matt Evans
  • “High Pasture” by Liam Hogan
  • “The Four-Copper Box” by Dean Corbin Griffin
  • “Worth Her Salt” by Anne Paschkopić
  • “Familiar” by Fiona Mossman
  • “Goblin Stew” by Hannah Hulbert
  • “The Ink-Stained Pilgrim” by Michael Martin
  • “Blightmage” by Alexander B. Joy

Please check back soon for news about our cover art and some very special secret projects we have in the works. Or better yet, join our mailing list and never miss a trick!

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