Everything You Wanted to Know About Wyngraf #3

You’ve been asking, and we’ve been playing coy. Well, it’s time at last to tip our hand about the incredible third issue of Wyngraf.

When Does It Come Out? And Where?

Wyngraf #3 arrives March 15th on Amazon, DriveThruFiction, and Smashwords (who will eventually send it along to Apple Books, Scribd, Kobo, Overdrive, and more.) The Amazon preorder page is up now, and other digital preorders will be available soon. (Paperback readers will need to wait until the 15th, as Amazon doesn’t allow paperback preorders. Sigh.)

Yes But Is There an Essay In It?!

There is! Check out these contents!

  • “Windows and Walls” by Nathaniel Webb. This essay surveys the field of cozy fantasy, organizing its tropes into essential base ingredients and optional seasonings, and offers perspective on the role of tropes in genre fiction.
  • “The Rose Quarter” by Samantha Rich. Professor Lineth Tyl isn’t known for being warm and caring with her students, but she can’t turn down an interesting legal puzzle, especially when love is involved…
  • “The Third Spell” by Rachel Friedman. The Librarian of Sirens’ Cove likes everything about her job except the patrons. And the pay. And the food. And the magic.
  • “The Founders’ Homesteaders” by Matt Evans. Polly Thistle and her adventuring crew thought a golden dragon egg would be enough to save the orphanage—now they have to win a tournament!
  • “High Pasture” by Liam Hogan. Minding goats on the Arkhan Heights can be a dull job. Good thing there are knights and dragons around to liven things up.
  • “The Four-Copper Box” by Dean Corbin Griffin. When Seldon is caught shirking his chores, his father rushes him off to Yerth for axle pins. A mysterious traveler offers a shortcut, but at what cost?
  • “Worth Her Salt” by Anne Paschkopić. Sue just wants to make Alina, the new baker, feel welcome in town. There’s no way Alina would return her romantic feelings—especially not while dealing with an inexplicable string of oven disasters…
  • “Familliar” by Fiona Mossman. Alice is thrilled to be home from Witches’ Academy for her first holiday, but she can’t seem to leave her academic worries behind, nor is her old life without cares of its own.
  • “Goblin Stew” by Hannah Hulbert. Rotney’s grandmother is gone, he’s hosting the entire community for her memorial, and the stew is getting dangerously low. But there may be some hope left at the bottom of the pot.
  • “The Ink-Stained Pilgrim” by Michael Martin. In this special epic-scale novelette, Nicolai Canto abandons the life of an accountant for adventure and uncertainty on the open road.
  • “Blightmage” by Alexander B. Joy. Nothing brings Rustine more joy than giving life to golems. Less appealing is the prospect of delivering one to the uncanny Lady Eglid—the woman known as the Blightmage.

Show Me the Incredible Cover Featuring Art by Alicia Ramos Castillo Already!

Okay, feisty! Here’s the incredible cover featuring art by Alicia! Ramos! Castillo! (And our new logos!)

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