Cozy Review: “Smith of Wootton Major”

It would be absurd in the extreme to consider anything by J.R.R. Tolkien “forgotten.” This is a man whose every note, fragment, and grocery list has been published and developed into a movie trilogy or TV series. Nevertheless, I think the novelette “Smith of Wootton Major” deserves more recognition from us lovers of cozy fantasy. … More Cozy Review: “Smith of Wootton Major”

Cozy Flash: “Billable Hours for the Disputed Rights of the Chosen One”

The esteemed firm of Babbitage and Esqueaken is pleased to present Your Highness Alphonse I, Regent of the Hundred Isles, warlord of our glorious campaign against the known world, billable hours for your litigation against the pretender, the false claimant against your son, in the dispute of the named Chosen One of the Kingdom. All … More Cozy Flash: “Billable Hours for the Disputed Rights of the Chosen One”

Cozy Flash: “Iai, Iai, Mele (Listen, Listen, Child)”

Grandmother sits on the floor of her ruined house wearing only her nightshirt when I find her the morning after the shockstorm. It has taken me half the night to climb to the little village at the edge of the cold, clear mountain lake, where a handful of elderly villagers stubbornly cling to their traditional … More Cozy Flash: “Iai, Iai, Mele (Listen, Listen, Child)”

Rakehell Preorders Are Here!

Ebook preorders for Rakehell, our sibling magazine of swashbuckling adventure, are now open! Rakehell #1 arrives worldwide July 1st and will also be available in paperback. (Amazon doesn’t allow paperback preorders, sorry!) The issue is jam-packed with thrilling tales from six up-and-coming adventure fiction writers. Scroll down for more info or click here to preorder! … More Rakehell Preorders Are Here!